Sell more with partial payment

Improving affordability, gets you more sales.

Downpay is created by Shopify alumni and aims to enhance payment flexibility by offering deferred or partial payment on your online store.

Selling made to order products, preorders, service bookings? Capture a card on file to charge later with Downpay.

  • Set a deposit purchase option

    Create a purchase option in Downpay for one or many of your products.

  • Customers checkout

    Downpay stores their card will be saved on file directly in the Shopify admin.

  • Charge or send an invoice

    Collect payment manually or automatically with Shopify flow or simply send payment reminders or invoices.

Customer Spotlight

Learn how Athena Gaia increased sales with deposits on their handmade jewelry

Athena Gaia's Story

Athena Gaia sells jewelry handmade in Greece.

With production often taking 4 to 6 weeks, they looked to give customers more payment flexibility while they waited for their order.

With their 50/50 deposit strategy, they are able to cover the cost of production and materials while also improving affordability and trust with their customers.

"Our customers are content. That gets you more customers, more referrals. Everything else down the line is going to be better because of their happiness"

- Peter Bradley, Cofounder @ Athena Gaia

Learn how to sell like Athena Gaia

The results

15% increase in sales

25% increase in AOV

70% of orders now purchase with deposit