• Bookings

    Offer deposit payments on bookings to increase conversion. Easily collect the remaining balance at appointment from the card on file.

  • Made to order

    Increase sales by offering customers the choice to pay deposits on custom products. Improve AOV and manage shipping delays effectively. Collect payment when products leave production.

  • Preorders

    Reserve upcoming releases by offering a deposit on preorders. Ensure customers get first access to your latest product launches. Collect payment or notify customers automatically on a specific payment due date.

  • Bespoke

    Offer a deposit for bespoke products to increase affordability and offer a high quality online experience.

  • Limit deposits to vip customers

    Have a limited launch in mind? Display Downpay deposit options on your store to just certain customers using conditional logic.

  • Offer deposits for certain regions

    Want to launch a product to just one country? Conditionally show Downpay options in select regions.

  • Build custom experiences

    Whether using our API, Shopify Flow integrations or creating a Hydrogen site, Downpay's extensibility, scale and performance in mind.